Put A Cabbage Leaf On Your Breast And You Will Be Amazed By Results!

My grandmother has been seen wrapping a cabbage leaf around her ankles and knees. why are you doing it, grandma? I pressed. She responded that it is the only thing that alleviates her bone swelling and rheumatism.

However, did you know that some women also use cabbage leaves to help reduce breast swelling? especially when weaning a newborn from breast milk.

Researchers are still unable to determine whether this is due to the leaves’ natural ability to retain cold for an extended period of time or to an active compound within. The most crucial aspect is that it reduces swelling and pain.

When and how should this amazing natural treatment be used?

The cabbage ought to be fresh, but it should be kept in the fridge. You never use the outer leaves because they are too thin and can’t keep cool for a long time. Clean the leaves one at a time with cold water and place them directly on your breasts, wrapping each breast in a cabbage leaf. It’s important to leave the nipples naked. Leave the leaves on until you can no longer feel the cold, then take them off. If you are still breastfeeding or pumping for your baby, don’t continue the treatment for too long. You will allow the skin around them to remain dry and intact. Wear a bra just to hold them—you don’t have to lock it in the back. Leave the leaves on until you can no longer feel the cold. That could cause diminishes in your milk and damage the regular course of breastfeeding.

Stop the treatment for a while once your breasts feel better and the swelling has subsided. Keep going with it, but give yourself some time between treatments.

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