How To Use Yoga For Sex – The Best Tips & Positions

Do you feel that your sexual coexistence has turned into an optional issue in your life? Or on the other hand do you want to attempt new things with your partner?If you’re a major yogi and love this old practice however much that sex, you can consolidate them and establish stances and a climate that will rejuvenate your sexual connections.

As indicated by the Diary of Sexual Medication, all ladies who practice yoga and don’t have an extremely dynamic sexual coexistence, increment their degrees of energy through rehearsing this game, alongside contemplation. Anyway, why not attempt some yoga procedures in that frame of mind, under candlelight and perceive how far the craving comes? Assuming that you are empowered, keep perusing this Artikel in which Suggestive World clarifies the subtleties on how for use yoga for sex with the best tips and methods.

Sexual energy or sexual yoga – Yoga to increment endurance

Assuming you are as of now inside the universe of yoga you will be familiar with care yoga. This kind of yoga is called Kundalini yoga. It is a style of otherworldly and reflection yoga that, most importantly, underlines the freedom of energy. In this freedom, your sexual energy additionally partakes, on account of the corporal stances and on the grounds that you are continually rehearsing your relaxing.
Most types of yoga focus on performing body acts that are constantly joined with breathing, yet in this sort the arrival of energy is vital, which will continuously energize you as it emerges.

This sort of training can be performed by everybody, the two novices and high level clients in the sensual and yoga world. So you simply need to feel like it and begin rehearsing.

Appreciate sex more by rehearsing yoga

Sexual practices are rarely something similar. It isn’t something similar to have intercourse with an obscure individual than with an accomplice you’ve been with for quite some time, obviously, it’s not a similar the initial time or the fifth. It is vital that at the hour of having intercourse there is some sort of association with the other individual to arrive at the completion of sexual joy. The unfilled sex of a casual hookup isn’t the most ideal way to turn out to be totally fulfilled, particularly in the event that you have not had intercourse with that individual a few times.

Whenever you have tracked down that individual, with whom to have a unique association, you can start to attempt Kundalini yoga by attempting to interface your looks, your hearts and, obviously, the focal point of your lower energy. This joined with breathing will make a staggering delight.

Yoga positions for sex

If after these clarifications you have any desire to begin rehearsing, we prescribe these yoga positions to further develop sex. Some are basic, yet others ought to be instructed to you well as they could hurt your neck or back. Prior to sending off and needing to do them all, pursuing yoga classes will help you a great deal and afterward perform them accurately and partake in the most.

The wheel

This position is equivalent to on the off chance that you did the notable tumbling exercise known as the extension: turning upward, resting your hands immovably and feet on the floor and raising the remainder of the body. In a position, for example, this one, your darling will track down the most effective way to give you delight. To play out the wheel position you will require a ton of fixation so you don’t lose your equilibrium. Will you dare?

The cobra

The cobra is an extremely normal situation in yoga. To do the cobra you’ll have to lie on your back, firmly holding the centers of your hands on the floor, extending your arms, raising your head and neck, extending your entire body and becoming mindful of it. This position is ideal for oral sex.

The topsy turvy canine

The topsy turvy canine position or the canine peering down resembles the conventional canine position and arms loosened up making an Angular extension. A sensual elective that will give you more joy than the stance of the canine.

Reversed board

Indeed, similar to the board position you use to fortify your abs however altered, looking up. It is ideally suited for oral sex, vaginal entrance on the off chance that the other individual goes on top, or in any event, for twofold entrance on the off chance that the individual playing out the board is a female.


A place of accommodation that is extremely simple to perform and that your accomplice will cherish. Get kneeling down and lean your chest area forward, resting on the ground, arms extended forward and head between arms as you stretch the lower back to the back.

The camel

This positions could really be one of the most convoluted, but at the same time it’s one of the most pleasurable, assuming that it is finished during oral sex.

To do this you’ll have to stoop, with your knees separate at the level of the hips, and press the highest point of the feet, the instep, against the ground. Toss your arms back, put your hands on the bottoms of your feet and slant your chest by angling it back beyond what many would consider possible. In the event that your hands don’t arrive at your feet, you can leave your arms free. This will make a sort of circle with your body.

Yoga for good sexlife

Recall that the second you begin playing out these positions you must be moved amassed in your body, stay away from contemplations that occupy you, particularly assuming they are negative, and give no consideration to outside clamors.

Practice these tips and these yoga positions for sex with your accomplice and find a better approach to reconnect and have extraordinary encounters together. Appreciate sex again in a fun new manner.

It is said that Tantra, one of the parts of yoga, can assist you with arriving at the levels of delight by feeling each other’s bodies and encountering new sensations without discharging. In the event that you’re keen on this training, investigate our article on the most proficient method to have tantric sex, and pick the best situations to perform with your accomplice.

Yoga to increment sperm count: Asanas

In Ayurveda, it is accepted that specific yoga activities can really build your sperm count. As per Pallav Sengupta[1], you can do as such by fortifying the male’s pelvic floor lower back and midsection to further develop the man’s blood stream to the area. This training is known as Asanas, it deals with HPA hub by aiding in pressure alleviation, one more of the most widely recognized reasons for low sperm count. The accompanying situated should be rehearsed consistently in a quiet climate, not as a feature of a sexual practice:

The pony motion

This position makes a withdrawal of the butt-centric sphincter muscles and upgrades blood stream to the remainder of the genital region.
Sit in an agreeable yoga posture like Padmasana
Shut your eyes and unwind
Control your normal breathing, know about it. Rehash a few times
Move your fixation towards the butt region
Contract the muscles in the butt-centric sphincter and hold for a few seconds. Do as such with practically no strain to keep away from injury
Loosen up the muscles for a similar measure of time
Rehash stages 5 and 6 however many times as you can. Ensure you just utilize your sphincter muscles

Anulom Vilom

this piece of Pranayama yoiga is generally utilized during Hatha yoga and is an incredible respiratory activity to work on breathing and help with pressure and uneasiness. Find a glance at the ways to perform anulom vilom:
Once more, sit in Padmasana position, and rest the centers of your hands kneeling down.
Utilize your right thumb to close your right side nostril. Take in however much you can, until your lungs are full.
Remove your thumb from your nose and breathe out in the interim
With your center finger, close the left nostril while breathing out. Breathe in with the right nostril and the left one shut.
Rehash this interaction for somewhere around 5 minutes out of each day.

Lotus blossom

One of the most notable stances is likewise an extraordinary yoga position to ncrease sperm count.
Sit on the floor with your spine straight and your legs extended before you.
Put your right knee on your contrary thigh with your feet pointing towards your chest and the impact point near your body
Do likewise with your other leg
Put your hands in a mudra, ensuring your head and spine are straight
Stand firm on the situation, taking long breaths.

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