Zaman en çok yüzümüzun tüfümını. Consistently, our openness to unsafe synthetics in the sun, wind, and air results in a ton of harm all over. It is preposterous to expect to dispose of these harms totally, yet with legitimate healthy skin and little systems, diminishing them somewhat is conceivable. The most eye catching piece of the face is the eye region, and the issues in this space are the principal eye catching issues. In this article, I will enlighten you concerning the issues we frequently see around the eyes and what to do about them.

Normal issues around the eyes:

Ulcers in the eyes
Under eye packs
Orta yuz locale sarcoma
Göz ındalı kararma – morarma
Upper eyelid sarcoma
Kaz legs
How low
Eyelid fall
Ulcers in the eyes

Growths are the most widely recognized infection. Arpacık diye is treated with anti-infection agents. Birde, particularly in kidney illness, can cause expanding of the eyes. For their treatment, you should be inspected by an eye specialist and ophthalmologist. Bu tür bir bulunamazsa o zaman esthetik bir sorun var denebilir ve tasteful careful techniques for treatment.

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